Quiz time…When you think of the word Library, what often comes to mind?  For many people, it is rows and rows of books, oh glorious books.  Maybe you envision some tables and chairs to read said books, and even a designated space to get some studying done.  

Books are definitely the foundation of libraries and will always be the cornerstone, however, libraries have integrated many services and added other materials over the last decade.  Libraries have adjusted and adapted to the needs and wants of the community.  Library staff put in tremendous amounts of effort seeking out materials and resources that will best serve their community.  

When you step through the doors of a library, visit their website, or follow them on social media, you will experience the many services offered, ranging from copy/scan/print to notary public, device charging stations, gaming systems, movies/TV series/anime, a wide variety of events, and of course, books from every genre.  

The Salina Public Library has all of the above mentioned amenities, but wait, we have so much more than just that.  Our mission is to connect people to information, learning, and culture.  Our core values are that we are service minded, people centered, and promote lifelong learning.  Allow me to provide you with a rundown of the amazing offerings available to meet your educational, entertainment, and everyday life needs all of which directly ties into those core values and mission.

Seed Library

    •  Inflation is our reality.  We all feel the rising costs of just about everything, including food. The Salina Public Library has been offering a seed library since 2021.  Available from February – June, the seed library showcases a variety of fruit, vegetable, herb, and flower seeds. Patrons may choose up to three free packets per visit with no need to check anything out. The seeds are housed just inside the north entrance, in a repurposed card catalog, conveniently organized and labeled so you can see the different seeds that are available and choose your favorites.  
    • To assist you with whipping that garden into shape, in our Library of Things collection, there is a basic gardening tool kit that comes with pruning shears, trowel, transplant trowel, hand fork, weeder, and cultivator, all tucked inside a fun green tote.  Patrons may utilize these tools to dig or loosen soil, transplant, cultivate, weed and so on.  Put your green thumb to work and discover what you can bring to life.

Streaming Services

    • In 2024, wi-fi is not a want, it is a necessity of life. Our lives are intertwined with being able to access the internet because the norm is to fulfill tasks electronically. Completing job applications or filling out medical forms, grocery shopping, paying utility bills, purchasing vehicles, etc. are preferably conducted online.  Salina Public Library provides mobile hotspots for a seven day checkout period.  These 4G devices can be used just like you would connect to public wi-fi on your phone, laptop, or other device.  One word of advice though, these hotspots are not made to run multiple devices, so connect up to two devices at a time for the best experience.  
    • Patrons can also borrow a Roku player to access streaming services such as Kanopy, Hoopla, Crunchyroll, YouTube, Vudu, Tubi TV, and Peacock.  These two items are available in a bundle as well as singly.

Hobbies and Interests

    • Are you seeking out ways to get in some quality time with your whole family and not break the bank?  Or do you want to hone in on your favorite pastime?  Consider looking at the Salina Public Library’s quarterly calendar of events. There really is something for everyone and all age groups, so you are sure to find an activity that piques your curiosity. You may access the calendar directly through our main website, or grab a physical copy of the calendar at the library or at many community businesses and organizations around town.  
    • If you are into art, come peruse Gallery 708 and support the local artists that are featured each month or attend the Paint & Munch event.  Are you an aspiring writer?  Sign up for events such as Build Your Own Poem or attend the monthly Adult Writer’s group.  Want to grab something to enjoy at home?  Sign up for one of our many DIY take-and-make or movie night kits.  
    • Are you a parent, grandparent, or caregiver of a young child?  Show up for Storytime, Brainy Babies, or Toddler Tuesdays.  Bring on the summer fun beginning May 24th from 5-7 p.m. at the library’s Summer Kick-Off event where there will be carnival games, face painting, music, food, reading recommendations, and your friendly library staff and volunteers to guide you.  
    • Use the catalog to deep dive into our Library of Things offerings.  Patrons can find everything from a guitar and an electronic piano to cake pans, telescopes, microscopes, an interactive science kit, snap circuits, globelight or planet projector, and indoor/outdoor or board games.  We have your learning and entertainment needs on lock.

Professional Development and Skill Building

    • Do you need a database for college research?  Consider our selection of databases to support your educational goals.  Interested in local history or genealogy?  Want to learn a new language or brush up on a language you have experience with?  We have resources for all of those as well.  Are your computer or software skills in need of a tune-up up or are you new to some sort of technology?  Sign up for tech assistance and let a knowledgeable library staff member guide you through topics including email and internet searching, library eBooks and resources, job applications and resumes, navigating your devices, Microsoft Office / Google apps, or printing your files on the 3D printer.  We even have a Cricut machine. 
    • Need some motivation or inspiration?  The calendar is full of author talks and articulate speakers that discuss everything from being an amazing boss, providing constructive feedback, Plato’s Allegory of the Caves, and emergency preparedness.  How about challenging yourself to complete an escape room, try a new recipe in a cooking class, or increase your flexibility with chair yoga?  Consider joining a book discussion group and meet some new faces.    

Home and Life

    • Have you checked your home for carbon monoxide?  We have a detector at the Salina Public Library.  
    • Is your honey-do list piling up?  We have a 39-piece tool kit to help you tackle that list.  
    • Are the tires on your car or bike getting low, or do you even know the pressure in your tires?  Stop by the Salina Public Library and check out the tire inflator and portable air compressor.  It is conveniently USB or USB-C compatible.
    • Feeling a little down?  Have you heard of a light therapy lamp?  A light therapy lamp mimics outdoor light.  It is thought that this type of light may cause a chemical change in the brain that lifts your mood and eases other symptoms of sadness, such as being tired most of the time and sleeping too much.
    • Looking to train or entertain your dog?  We have a treat puzzle that is sure to keep them busy for hours.

Honestly, I could go on and on about all of the things you can do and see at the Salina Public Library, but please do not just take my word for it.  Stop in and see for yourself. Take a look at the website, and visit our Facebook and Instagram pages.  At our library, you can find your next read.  And if we do not have it, we can check other libraries and get it for you.  While you are checking out your favorite genre of books, explore what else we can assist you with or help you accomplish.  We will see you soon!