It was there.  I could feel its presence. Waiting…hoping I would turn the page.  My fingers trembled as I took the edge of the well-loved paper and slowly turned it…A gasp escaped!  There is stood.  It looked a hundred feet tall, menacing, claws protruding, honey dripping from its mouth: it was “The Biggest Bear” a children’s book written by Lynd Ward and my favorite book as a child.

I must have checked it out of the school library a hundred times, reading it on the bus home, savoring the pictures and text, knowing the story inside by heart.

Even now, many years later, when I come across that book it brings a smile and a flood of memories.

Books have that special ability, to tell a story, but also be a part of your life story.

I want to invite you to start your life-changing reading habit at the library this summer.  Maybe you come regularly to the library, maybe you haven’t been here in a while and maybe you have to look up the address to see where we are located.  No matter your experience with us, I invite you to give us a visit.

This summer is a great time to start.  We have so many exciting opportunities, no matter your age.  Listed below are just a few of the highlights we offer for the summer.

  • Reading Contests
  • Book Clubs
  • Robotics
  • Magic Show
  • Puppet Fun
  • StemMusic
  • Library Olympics
  • Author Talk
  • And Books: many, many books

Please check out our website or download the SPL Catalog App to see all the cool events and resources available.

My challenge to you: Come to the library, find a book that interests you, read it and allow it to become a part of your life story.

Pssst:  If you need an idea of where to start.  Try this new eBook I just finished, titled What You Are Looking For is in the Library by Michiko Aoyama.  It’s an international bestseller where people, life stories and a wonderfully, unique librarian all collide!

Check it out on our Hoopla App, another great resource at our Library!