ORGANIZATION-001: Library Board

The Library is governed by the Board, whose members are appointed by the mayor as provided in KSA 12-1222, with powers and duties as provided in KSA 12-1215 and KSA 12-1225. The mayor is an ex officio member of the Board. The Library Board establishes the policies by which the Library is administered.

Terms of a Library Board member are 4 years, ending April 30th. A board member may fulfill two terms according to KSA 12-1222.

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Latest Reviewed & Approved Date: 08/13/2019

ORGANIZATION-002: Administration

The operation of the Library is administered by the Director, who is appointed by the Library Board. He or she meets with the Library Board, but is not a member of the Board.

For administrative purposes, the Library is divided into departments: Youth Services, Circulation, Community Engagement, Information Services, Business & Maintenance, Processing and Technology. All departments have a Department Head who reports to the Director.

Revision Date(s): 08/13/2019
Latest Reviewed & Approved Date: 08/13/2019

ORGANIZATION-003: Establishment of Library Policy

It is the duty of the Director to initiate and draft policy proposals as needed for the sound operation of the Library.
Any policy recommendations shall be submitted by mail or email prior to the meeting at which it is to be considered. Policy statements require a favorable vote at one meeting of the Library Board.

Library policy is reviewed, amended as needed and approved on a regular basis by the Library Board.

Revision Date(s): 08/13/2019
Latest Reviewed & Approved Date: 08/13/2019


The Salina Public Library is funded primarily through property tax within the city of Salina. The Library Board of Trustees has the authority to annually vote for and pass a budget and mill levy in support of Library operations and employee benefits. This is authorized by KSA 12-1215, 12-16, 12-102. Mill levy limits were removed by KSA 79-5040 in 1999. Increases are subject to the publication, petition and possible election requirements. The time frame budget hearings and adoption is explained by KSA 79-2933.

The Library also receives grants from the State Library of Kansas and the Central Kansas Library System (CKLS). This funding is supplemented by fines, fees, special grants, Friends of the Library, bank interest on deposits, dividends from investments and donations.

A Capital Improvement Fund is authorized by KSA 12-1217. This allows public libraries to transfer up to 10% of tax receipts from the General Fund into a separate fund for capital improvement use. Capital improvement is budgeted for annually. Bids will be solicited for projects that are estimated to be over $10,000. The Library Board will be provided information for all capital improvement projects. At the end of a funding year, the General Fund is reviewed by the Director and capital monies transferred appropriately.

The Library operates on a cash basis. Library funds and accounts are audited annually following KSA 75-117 and 75-1122. Audits are provided to the Library Board annually.

Revision Date(s): 08/13/2019
Latest Reviewed & Approved Date: 08/13/2019

ORGANIZATION-005: Strategic Plan

The Director will establish a strategic plan that includes staff, the Library Board and community input. Progress and implementation of the plan will be systematically evaluated and updates provided at Library Board meetings.

2020 Strategic Plan

Focus Area 1 – Facilities

Our physical spaces are inviting, useful and accessible to our patrons.

  • Goal 1: Improving, redesigning and creating spaces that allow patrons to efficiently access library services.
    • Action 1: Redesign circulation and help desk areas with a focus on patron use.
    • Action 2: Provide welcoming and stimulating spaces for children and families.
    • Action 3: Assess policies with a focus on patron use.
    • Action 4: Create signs and identifiers that resonate with patrons and reflect our modern library.
  • Goal 2: Utilizing public resources wisely to be good stewards of our public buildings.
    • Action 1: Address maintenance and upgrades.
    • Action 2: Work collaboratively with the City of Salina.
    • Action 3: Provide greater accessibility for all patrons.
    • Action 4: Establish plans for consistent improvements.

Focus Area 2 – Services

Our programs and services are driven by the needs and wants of our patrons.

  • Goal 1: Valuing education to fill needs in our community.
    • Action 1: Support a diverse set of patrons.
    • Action 2: Support parents in their efforts to raise socially and emotionally healthy children.
  • Goal 2: Providing efficient services for our patrons that expand access and are responsive to needs and interests.
    • Action 1: Use human-centered design to ensure patrons’ experience is at the heart of what we do.
    • Action 2: Reduce barriers to accessing materials and programs.
    • Action 3: Understand patrons’ interests and needs to build a compelling collection.
    • Action 4: Create opportunities for community involvement that are meaningful.
    • Action 5: Expand participation in current popular, effective library programs.
  • Goal 4: Connecting to groups and organizations beyond our building.
    • Action 1: Leverage staff connections with community service and cultural organizations to share knowledge and build understanding.
    • Action 2: Expand the library’s reach through new outreach resources.
    • Action 3: Explore alternative funding methods with an eye toward expanding current programs and services.
    • Action 4: Deepen our partnerships with community organizations.

Focus Area 3 – Staff

We create a workplace where staff can find personal meaning in their work and feel they are making a difference in the community.

  • Goal 1: Exceeding expectations with great customer service.
    • Action 1: Train and invest in staff to offer a high level of service to all library users and all departments.
    • Action 2: Support staff by allowing them to expand their skill sets with individual growth and development plans.
  • Goal 2: Building the internal infrastructure necessary to effectively serve the community.
    • Action 1: Determine the future work of our library and adapt staff responsibilities as necessary.
    • Actions 2: Ensure the library has the financial resources to support its current and future workforce.

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Latest Reviewed & Approved Date: 10/15/2019