RECORDS-001: Confidentiality of Library Records

The Kansas Open Records Act, Kansas Statutes Annotated (KSA) 45-215, et seq., declares that it is the public policy of the state of Kansas that public records shall be open for inspection by any person. However, the Open Records Act places certain restrictions on this open access. At KSA 45-221, the Act defines what records are not required to be disclosed at the request of citizens or public officials. (Attorney General opinion 95-64 outlines open records access through electronic means.)

Records which libraries are not required to disclose include:

  • A patron’s name (or whether an individual is a registered borrower or has been a patron.)
  • A patron’s address and email address.
  • A patron’s telephone number.
  • The Library’s circulation records and their contents.
  • The Library’s borrower’s records and their contents.
  • The number or character of questions asked by patrons.
  • The content of a patron’s computer use at the Library.
  • The frequency or content of a patron’s lawful visits to the Library or any other information supplied to the Library (or gathered by it) should not be made available.

If a request for patron information is made, the request must be presented to the Director. Library staff or volunteers should not provide information for requests of user information.

The Library endorses the Code of Ethics of the American Library Association, which states, “We protect each Library user’s right to privacy and confidentiality with respect to information sought or received and resources consulted, borrowed, acquired or transmitted.”

Revision Date(s): 10/15/2019
Latest Reviewed & Approved Date: 10/15/2019

RECORDS-002: Requests

The request for records should be made in writing to the Director. The request will be kept on file.

The request will be filled as soon as possible. If the process takes more than 10 minutes of time, there will be a $2.00 plus $.25 per minute charge. Copies/prints cost $.10 per page. All fees must be paid upon receipt of the open records.
If the fee is estimated to exceed $10.00 prepayment will be required.

Revision Date(s): 10/15/2019
Latest Reviewed & Approved Date: 10/15/2019