Choose 2 or 3 books to read.
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Farm Storytime

Sing, pat, and drive your tractor along to this fun farm song!


Old MacDonald Had a Farm (practice animals sounds)

B-I-N-G-O (this is a fun twist on the original song and has actions for kids to do other than just clap…pat your tummy, pat your legs, jump)

Farm Storytime

Finger Play: 

5 eggs and 5 eggs, that makes 10 (show your 10 fingers)
Sitting on top is mama hen (bump fists on top of each other)
Crackle, crackle crackle, what is this I see? (clap hands)
10 baby chicks as cute as can be! (wiggle your 10 fingers)


Make paper plate animals

Head over to for directions!